Welcome to The T.A.L.K. Team Blog!

Welcome to The T.A.L.K. Team Blog!

Hello to everyone!  We are stepping into this new adventure of blogging in the hope of developing what we do further into excellence.  Our passion is still playing on the floor – structuring therapy that does not always feel like therapy.  With regular posting, we hope to create an environment where we can share and get and give feedback.  Some of the subjects I am sure we will post on include:

Games, dollar store goodies, dealing with parents, IEP’s…

Remember, we live in California, so we are posting from that point of view!


  1. speechtherapy : January 16, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Looking forward to getting more ideas for therapy! I’ll have to investigate if the games are available in the UK.
    I’ll stop back soon. Thanks.

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