The IEP Table

The IEP Table

One of my non speech related passions is tablescapes. Each month I put time and energy and passion and love into what I consider art on my dining room table. Now, my family eats at the kitchen counter more often then we eat at the dining room table. But no matter what, it makes my heart and soul happy to have a table that is beautiful and inviting and makes people want to sit at it.


As I spoke to a group of parents earlier last week, the idea of coming to a table collaboratively was discussed. It struck me how my table is so much like the IEP table. It has all the things it needs, sturdy chairs, large table, plates and napkins, sometimes even silverware! But what makes my table truly awesome is when eight energetic souls sit down at it and have an animated, wonderful dinner conversation.


The same goes for our IEP tables. We need to come to them with positive energy. I feel like all too often we view these meetings as a nuisance and a drain. Or for parents they are viewed as a time for struggle and debate. Where is the beauty? Where is the art? Education of children is an art. It takes skill and investment. Raising children is an art. It takes tenacity and devotion. What if we came to the table with those things. It’s truly time for us to start putting flowers on our IEP tables! We need to make these meetings and thing of beauty, something we’re proud of. They should not be something we dread.

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