TALK Team (Re)Introduction

TALK Team (Re)Introduction

For anyone who is new to us, we wanted to reintroduce ourselves. I (Amber Ladd) and Amy Prince co-founded The TALK Team in 2006. We were both working in the public schools and found ourselves wanting the opportunity to make a bigger difference. Don’t get me wrong, all of you speech language pathologists working in the public schools are doing BIG things. You are able to touch SO many lives and provide services that are desperately needed. Many of the children that receive speech and language therapy in the schools do not have the opportunity to access services in any other capacity. We personally found ourselves with the desire to have more time with our clients as well as more access to their families and caregivers. We also had a strong desire to work outside the box and have the freedom to make choices that were always in our clients best interest, not restricted by timelines or policy.

We both began with 2 clients. We saw these children at their kitchen tables and on their living room floors. We received more referrals and found that we didn’t have time to drive from house to house so we located a room at New Covenant Community Church that we were able to use. We tithed 10% of our earnings back to the church and carted our materials in and out every week. This carting became taxing as our clientele grew and we decided to become “official” and rent our first office. We rented a one-room office space on the corner of Maple and Nees and we both saw clients in a single room with a gymnastics mat separating our individual spaces. While this worked for a while, it didn’t feel completely professional and again as we grew we determined that a little more space might be a good idea.

At this point we found two rooms to sublet from a tutoring company down the street from our office. We both had our own rooms and there were even a few chairs available outside for parents to sit in. It was in this space that we brought in a third therapist. When our caseload grew to the point that she had to work on the floor in the kitchen, we knew it was time to move again. This time, we decided to really go for it. We hired a commercial real estate agent and began to look for a bigger space. At this same time, another therapist joined our team, increasing our motivation to find a home that could occupy all of us. We found our first official office. This place had 4 therapy rooms AND a kitchen! We felt the combination of excitement about our first real space as well as terrified that we would NEVER be able to fill this space and there was a very real chance that we had bit off way more than we could chew.

Fast forward 18 months and we had already outgrown those previously very large 4 rooms. We were regularly adding clients as well as therapists and we were again on the hunt for a bigger space to house us. We found our current home on Cedar and Bullard and worked very hard in order to move in over Thanksgiving of 2015. We now have a staff of 9 full time (absolutely amazing!) therapists in addition to the two of us as well as two fantastic administrators. We have grown to a place where each therapist who works at TALK can explore areas that light them up inside and keep them passionate about what they do. We currently are able to serve children in the areas of articulation, phonology, oral placement therapy, PROMPT, language, literacy, executive function, augmentative and alternative communication, The HANEN program, feeding, behavior, and more. We have therapists who speak Spanish and American Sign Language.

We have a home for each and every person who walks through our doors. Thank you so much for being part of our journey and supporting our dreams to make a difference in the world. We are so excited to continue down this path of learning, dreaming and doing!

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