St. Patrick’s Day in the Speech Room

St. Patrick’s Day in the Speech Room


St. Patrick’s Day in the Speech Room 

By Amy Lehman, M.A., CCC-SLP 


One of my favorite ways to change up my therapy on a regular basis is to follow a monthly or seasonal theme. These themes don’t have to focus on holidays – they can focus on the changing of the seasons, the weather, animals or activities that are commonly associated with each season, the list goes on. Something that many SLPs don’t know is how many free resources are out there, at our disposal! This makes themed activity planning cost-effective, and, if you know where to look, time-effective as well! Today I’m focusing on two of my favorite places to find free resources – Epic and Boom Cards. 


Epic, located at, is an enormously vast digital book library that is free for educators. They have books specific to every grade level K-6, and books for grades 7+. Here are some favorite St. Patrick’s Day books that can be found on Epic: 

For Preschool/Early Elementary: 

Layla’s Luck, by Jo Rooks – Layla is a ladybug who learns that, with some hard work and help from friends, she might not need to rely on luck after all. 



Lucky Ducky, by Doreen Mulryan – Ducky comes to realize that some things – like friendship and fun time spent with others – are more important than luck. 



How to Catch a Leprechaun, by Adam Wallace  Another of the beloved How to Catch a… series, I find that my kiddos gravitate toward these books whenever I present them as an option!! Bonus freebie, from Scarlett at the Speech is Sweet blog, a worksheet for children to draw and describe how they would design their own leprechaun trap!! This freebie can be found in the blog post linked here. 


For Older Elementary/Early Middle School 

Fiona’s Luck, by Teresa Bateman – Fiona arouses the suspicion of the leprechaun king when he finds out that she seems to have incredible luck – even though the leprechauns have stolen and locked away all of the luck in Ireland. This book is excellent for targeting figurative language, using context clues to infer the meaning of higher-level vocabulary words, making predictions, and using compound sentences to resopnd to why questions. 


Shammy Lucks Out, by Joe McGee – The Creature Campers series has long been a favorite of mine to use with older children. It’s funny, includes some pictures without having so many that it reads like a picture book, and contains plenty of figurative langauge to decode and talk about! This particular story focuses on the adventures of Shammy the Leprechaun, who is in search of – surprise! – bad luck. Thesshort chapter books are great for reading over multiple sessions. 


Boom Cards, located at, is another site with a humongous array of materials for all subject matters and grade levels. Materials are available both free and paid, and come in digital “card decks” available for purchase with points, which can be pre-purchased from the site. Here are some favorite St. Patrick’s Day freebie Boom decks! 



  • Articulation Dough Mats freebie from Ivy League Language – offering all later-developing speech sounds in all word positions, these “dough mats” (virtual versions of Play-Doh smash mats) are great for warm-ups or for creating stories using containing target sound! 


  • Build a Leprechaun Potato from Emily B Speech – the St. Patrick’s Day version of Mr. Potato Head! Can be applied to nearly any goal as a reinforcer, or used for directly targeting early language. 


  • FREE St. Patrick’s Day Articulation Sort: S from SunflowerSLP – helps kiddos working on /s/ identify the word position of their sound – not only good for articulation practice, but also builds phonological awareness! 


  • FREEBIE – St. Patrick’s Day Prepositions and Following Directions from TheSproutingSpeechie – targets a variety of prepositions and one-step directions at the same time. 


  • FREEBIE – Open-Ended Picture Scenes, The Leprechaun Diner from onthegoslp – Such a fun one for working on early language! A restaurant scene where kiddos can take turns ordering and fulfilling restaurant orders. Bonus – the food items are all movable, so a variety of basic who, what, and where questions can be targeted! 


  • FREEBIE – St. Patrick’s Day Board Game from The Speech Place – Open-Ended St. Patrick’s Day theme board game can be used to target any goal, with any age!! 


  • Free Leprechaun Treats Language Activity from lil mae’s speech – Designed to target simple categories, this item can truly be used for so much more! Following directions, describing, similarities and differences, asking simple questions – the sky is the limit! A fun leprechaun bakery with St. Patrick’s Day treats that can be delivered to the waiting leprechauns. 


  • St. Patrick’s Day – open ended game board FREEBIE from TACO BOUT IT SPEECH FUN – another open-ended board game that can be used with any goal and any age! 


  • St. Patrick’s Day Following Directions BOOM Cards from Breann Brito, M.A., CCC-SLP – a great early listening activity in which little learners can practice identifying a picture that they hear described. 


  • St. Patrick’s Day Four in a Row Game from The Iced Coffee SLP – a personal favorite of mine, this is a St. Patrick’s Day version of Connect 4. Any goal, any age, so much fun! 


  • St. Patrick’s Day Prepositions Freebie from Sher’s Speech Boutique – a great, simple activity for receptively identifying prepositions. If you want to practice expressively identifying prepositions, just use the “annotate” feature on Zoom to create a solid-colored box that covers up the answer choices!! 


  • St. Patrick’s Day Speech and Language Bingo from Itty Bitty Speech – a classic game that can be used for any goal you want to target!! 


  • Would You Rather? St. Patrick’s Day from Speechbop – a great way to get kids talking, can be used for articulation practice at the conversational level, various aspects of expressive language, and fluency! 


Remember also that, if you particularly enjoy using any of these freebies, you can visit the creator’s Boom Card store, and purchase additional resources created by them, or (in some cases), longer or more extensive versions of the freebie! 

Bonus Favorite Paid Resource: 

Pot Luck Smaller Bowl bundle from David Sindrey – I am a huge fan of every articulation resource this man makes. So fun, they appeal to kiddos of all ages, and they’re great for getting a high number of trials in a short amount of time! This “smaller bowl” bundle contains a St. Patrick’s Day related game that will hold a kiddo’s attention, with a separate game to target every English consonant. This bundle is about $5.00. Alternatively, you can buy an open-ended Pot Luck – The Reinforcer deck for about $1.00 to target any goal you’ve got!! 

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