The Talk Team at the 47th Autism Society National Conference

Amy Prince and Amber Ladd have provided more than 50 educational presentations to speech pathologists, early intervention teachers, and behavior intervention professionals on both a state and national level. Presentations that are dynamic and educational.

Please contact for calendar availability. We look forward to teaching your team! Custom presentations available upon request.


Encouraging Engagement: Extraordinary Intervention in Uncertain Times

The purpose of this course is to introduce the preparation required to enhance virtual therapy and allow for maximum engagement with clients, students and caregivers, as well as content ideas
and methods to increase caregiver interaction.

It's so much more than words

The prerequisite skills needed before a child produces speech.

Playing with intention to increase communication

This presentation focuses on purposeful play.

Play my way; play with intent to reduce challenging behaviors

Similar to the previous presentation, with an increased focus on using common behavioral strategies in order to reduce challenging behaviors while keeping speech and language sessions fun and engaging.

Teaching effective question asking and answering

This presentation focuses on how to move beyond simple identifying questions (what is it?!) and into real, functional responding, as well as the very difficult concept of teaching children to ask questions!

Constructing Communication: Building Language with Fun and Function

This presentation focuses on the building blocks to production of communication - where to
start and how with early/pre-verbal children.

Want for Nothing

This presentation uses classic and current research to support teaching early manding using varied verbs and avoiding the rote, “I want ….”. Early targets, vocabulary flexibility, and plenty of hands on fun are included.


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