Our Story

Our Story

Amber and Amy started The TALK Team to allow for the growth and potential of ourselves as therapists and our clients as communicators. We are dually certified as speech language pathologists and board certified behavior analysts. The blend of these two approaches has taught us a variety of ways to teach a vast amount of skills.   We have had the opportunity to train several AMAZING therapists with the techniques that we have learned over the last 20 years along with the highly individualized skills that each has brought to TALK.

We have learned the value not only of communication itself, but thinking outside of the box to create a comprehensive, play based approach that is individualized for each child that we meet. We hold paramount that the more fun we have, the more fun our clients will have, and the more successful they will become. So let’s learn to have more fun!!

This is a place where you will find ideas and inspiration. We firmly believe that every child can communicate and flourish, when provided with the right environment. We believe that parents are their child’s first and most important teacher and we are dedicated to providing tools and ideas to help you along your journey.  Every child has the capability to learn and grow and become a functional communicator! Communication is what allows us to access our environment. It is the most important skill that a child can learn. Without communication, all other skills become less functional. Children may have a ton of information and ideas but if they can’t express them, they are left untouched.

For parents, this blog will provide you with hands on ideas and step-by-step plans to help you start to create a fun communicative relationship with your child. You will gain access to more of your child and be able to watch them grow and experience the power of communication WITH YOU! 

For speech language pathologists, behavior analysts, and any other professional who is working with children, this blog will provide you with more tools for your tool box, more ideas to fall back on and shape.

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