New to The TALK Team?

Welcome! Here you will find everything you need to know about getting started. Find our approach to speech therapy, a list of agencies we work with, forms of insurance accepted, cash rates for services, and helpful information about getting funding through your insurance company.

In order to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient. We will conduct an informal, play based skills assessment with your child. We also require a Case History Form be filled out. In order to save valuable therapy time with your child, we recommend that this form be filled out and returned to us before your initial appointment.

Meet Our Team

Specialized Language & Behavioral Therapy

We provide data driven therapy that is fun and effective for kids with a variety of speech, language, and behavioral issues. Our therapy methods are motivational and successful with a variety of problem behaviors and are appropriate for students of various ages and abilities.

Provided Services

Communication Profile Session

$250.00/initial session with report

Therapy Session

$100.00 / 50 minutes

Group Session

$85.00 / 50 minutes

Contracted Insurances

Agencies We Work With


    • California Virtual Academy
    • Central Valley Regional Center
    • Eleanor Roosevelt Learning Center
    • The Autism Center at Fresno State
    • Sanger Unified School District
    • Inspire Charter Schools

When parents call the insurance company regarding coverage of therapy services, there are several important questions they need to ask:

1. My child is ____old. Does our policy cover his speech services?

2. What conditions will insurance specifically cover?

3. What ICD-10 (diagnosis) codes and CPT (treatment) codes are covered for reimbursement?

4. Do I need to obtain a prescription for therapy services?

5. Do I need to obtain precertification for therapy services?

6. Which conditions are specifically excluded from treatment?

7. How many sessions will insurance cover? Is there a time limit?

8. Do I have a deductible or co-pay?

9. Do I need to schedule all of the visits by a certain date?

10. Does insurance cover out of network therapy services?

11. How do I get reimbursed for out of pocket therapy expenses? What do I need to provide the insurance company with?