Let’s Eat!!

Let's Eat!!

I (Amber) am a big believer in signs and the universe pushing me in the direction that I need to follow. Yesterday, Amy told me that I should start writing about nutrition and eating and the effects it has on our kids. Today, a friend reached out to me and we started discussing the effects of food on her son’s ability to concentrate and attend. So here we go…

I have a side passion centered around nutrition and how what we put into our bodies affects our minds, our behavior, our everything. 

I went through a period of time that I had to eliminate several foods from my diet to investigate the impact that each had on my body. I did this for physical reasons but the effect it had on my mood, concentration and ability to think was overwhelming. I have found that there is a direct link between what I eat on a daily basis and how happy I am, how well I am able to deal with anything stressful, how well I sleep and how clearly I am able to think. 

If this has such an extreme impact on me, what is food doing to our children? If we focused on feeding our children foods that nourished their bodies, what impact would it have on their learning, their ability to handle adversity, their happiness? 

I want to conduct a (very informal) experiment. If you have a child that has difficulty with focus and attention, impulsive behaviors, or a limited variety of foods that he eats, I invite you to join us to see what difference introducing new foods can have. 

This does not replace other factors that can definitely impact these areas of life. Direct therapy, exercise, sleep and at times medication all should be addressed if appropriate but for this purpose we will work on introducing new foods. 

This will not follow any specific protocol and is not official feeding therapy. Pieces may be taken from different programs that I have learned about in my career. This is what I have used in my sessions as well as with my own children. This is not medical advice and I am not a doctor or nutrition expert! This is for informational purposes only! 

We will be sharing a weekly plan on our Facebook Page!

Please email tools@thetalkteam.com if you have questions!


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