Game discoveries – Silly Street!

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I have been a speech pathologist for about 18 years.

Because of that, I have spent a lot of time searching for amazing games.

If you’ve ever been in to The TALK Team office, you have seen shelf after shelf of games that we seek out for our kids.

Last week, Target sent me an e-mail (as they’re inclined to do) letting me know that if I were to spend $100 in games, they would give me $25 off.  So you can guess what I spent my afternoon doing!

A box of new games arrived on Friday and we did our usual prep, boxing and bagging the bits and pieces.  The all appeared fun on the outside, but of course, they had to pass the kiddo test!

Today I got to play one of the new games, a game called Silly Street. No joke, this game is AWESOME! It starts with a board made of large puzzle pieces that you have build together. Even the instructions for this game are fun. It’s this incredible mix of cooperative and collaborative silliness where you never know what you might do next.  Some moves are yours, some are for everyone in the group, some are for others.

I had the opportunity to play it with wild Wyatt. You’ll see his videos below! 

The premise of the game is a bit like charades, only better. You get instructions like “pretend you’re a cat putting on pajamas” or “be a kangaroo doing karate”. For so many of our kids movement is an awesome break and this game actually wants them to move. That makes it a winner in my book easily!

It also includes really cool storytelling opportunities. Players have to use their imagination, visual skills, following directions, turn taking, planning, reasoning…so many skills!!  Honestly, everything about this one makes it a must have. It’s not going to be the least expensive game on your shelf and it is going to be for your kids who are working on things like winning and losing or executive function. This is a great game for kids who need practice pretending and being silly.

It also includes some group activities as well as individual activities. The directions are often conditional. You can see in the videos below that my kiddo was not a reader but I was able to include specific requesting – “can you read this to me” or “can you tell me what to do”,  because he couldn’t yet read the cards on his own.

And parents, this is a fun one for you to own as well. It’s so funny to get to pretend you’re a kangaroo doing karate! No doubt your kiddo will laugh. And really any game that gets kids laughing is a favorite in my book. I would highly recommend adding this to your Christmas list and your therapy list and any other game list you might have going!

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