The Talk Team at the 47th Autism Society National Conference

We are available to conduct workshops and presentations focused on a variety of subjects designed for parents and professionals. Please contact us directly to schedule a training or workshop.

We currently offer presentations on the following topics:

  • Behavior management for Speech Language Pathologists
  • The Art of WH-ing: Teaching children to ask and answer Wh questions
  • The Knock knock box: therapy with non and minimally verbal children
  • Playing on the floor: using behaviorally centered play to increase language
  • It’s so much more than words: The skills necessary before we teach children to talk

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Candyland and Questions...

“Student will follow respond to wh- (who, what, where) questions following a short story presented verbally prompting with 90% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions within the therapy setting.” Pretty common goal…I have a few kids working on this skill right now. It’s super important......

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